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How to send email with your own domain using Gmail

To cater this, gmail has introduce an option for business owners to use their custom email as sender but still enjoys the gmail platform service. This article will guide you how to setup gmail to use custom email as sender, please follow the steps below with screenshots: – click the gear icon in gmail interface and click “Accounts and Imports” tab – Click “Add Email Address” button, a popup will appear and fill up the required first; with “treat as


How to remove query string to css and js – WordPress

When working with website optimization, you might have encountered gtmetrix, yslow, or even pagespeed insights suggests that removing query strings from static resources such as css and js will improve your website’s over-all performance.

Remove “via” information from emails – WordPress

When you setup a mail form in your WordPress site such “contact us” you will notice that when the email arrive at your mailbox, it contains “via” information in the header as shown in the image. This will make bad impression to your prospected clients and it makes your email less credible.

Customize WordPress Login Logo And Link

You may find a plugin for this, but I tell you a good is, it does not need a plugin to do this. WordPress has built-in hook that can be use to make this happen. I my self do not always sort into installing plugin for the simple thing that you want to do with your site. To change the logo, go to your the theme folder you are currently using and look for the function.php file copy and paste


Improve Your Site With These Website Design Secrets

Your website should include a prominently displayed tagline. Your tagline lets others know more about you or your business. Using a tagline that’s clear can really help because if someone goes to your site, it takes about eight seconds to get their attention so they’ll be interested in your page

Great Advice That Will Help You Choose Your Web Host

As the online presence of business websites continues to grow, the desire of websites grows with it. There are many reasons for doing this, but your first step should be researching who and what a web host is. This article will give you some helpful advice on this important decision

Tips For Ensuring The Success Of Your Search Engine Optimization Plan

Search engine optimization, when applied correctly, is one of the most reliable Internet marketing tactics for your business. If your search engine landing page rank is high, you will receive a ton of extra traffic that is targeted to your niche

Utilizing Eleganttheme’s Testimonial Shortcode

While I was doing some customization on my website’s WordPress template, I stumble upon the new feature “Testimonial Shortcode” added to every theme developed by EleganthTheme